I am still reading and learning about what makes us feel connected to our planet – connected enough to want to nurture other forms of life and rich diversity. I have no difficulty with conceptualising my dependence on clean air and water and the interconnectedness of things that make up a healthy ecosystem. However, for many folk this is something that barely enters their minds, and they continue through life oblivious to the destruction around them and scathing of any suggestion that something needs to change.

Somewhere in between are the other folk – those who, once the matter is brought to their attention, take time to reach out and grow and shift and learn. We need more of you. We need you – the ones who remember running wild as you grew, climbing trees, enjoying beetles and butterflies, but lost all that somewhere in the muddle of work, parenthood and other responsibilities.

Connection, or reconnection, begins with looking up, and noticing the sky, and seeing what the clouds are doing today; looking around and noticing the trees in a little more detail – the artistry in the twist of the branches and bark patterns. Take a breath – consciously – and remind yourself that you can’t live without those trees, that you are dependent on the water falling from the clouds being clean enough to drink when it reaches you. It is this planet, this environment that sustains you and it’s time to remember.


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