We are surrounded by doom and gloom and they are indeed real and pressing issues. We can talk about all the things we need to stop doing…
Stop using fossil fuels
Stop using and discarding plastic
Stop the over-use of pesticides and antibiotics
Stop the fishing super trawlers
Stop deforestation..

Or we can talk about the things we need to start doing…
Start using more renewable energy
Start using electric cars, bicycles, trains
Start rebuilding wetlands, restoring rivers, replanting forests…

If we are empowered by a collective vision then we will reach the place we need to be.

It’s time to reconnect to our beautiful planet Earth.
It’s time to rediscover wonder that places us in, and among, all the other living things – not above them, but one of them.
It’s time to cooperate with Earth’s capacity to heal herself, which is immense, but not endless.
We need Earth, and she needs us on her side if we want to survive.

How well we can regrow our trees? How beautifully can we restore land ravaged by open-cut mining? How green and energy-efficient an our cities become?
Imagine being expert cleaners of rivers and waterways, dams and lakes and the ocean.

We need to look to the future and create a vision of a planet that is not just sustainable, but thriving. My dream, my vision, my “one thing” is to foster that vision and encourage people to grasp that, most especially those who are deeply despairing about the present state of our planet.
Let’s focus on what we CAN do, and work towards a planet that is not just surviving but thriving.

The owner of this blog subscribes to the principles of the The Deep Ecology Platform

EARTH Thriving

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